Our Team

John F. Howell

Founder and CEO of Howell Wealth Consultants

People are attracted to Howell Wealth Consultants because of a step-by-step process that guides them through the assessment of their current condition, helps them identify potential financial problems, encourages them to be accountable, and empowers them to take corrective action. It is understood that clients have worked hard through their working years and for their retirement dollars. John believes that when you work hard to build your assets, you view your finances differently.

John has been involved with helping people his whole career. For the past 20 years his primary focus has been educating folks on being financially prepared for their pre and post retirement years. From educating veterans about their benefits and how to use those benefits that they are intitled to, helping teachers understand the various options that their retirement system offers, to meeting with church groups for early morning breakfast to answer questions on the myriad of financial concerns in their everyday life, and the list goes on to people that John has been willing to help.

John grew up in the piney hills of Southeast Arkansas in the home of a father and mother that taught and lived by the example of servitude. His father pastored a church, and his mother was the county Health Nurse. So, from a young age seeing the importance of caring, helping, and serving others, that was lived by the example of parents, it became the direction that John’s life would take.

Whether it was working directly with the Youth Court helping troubled youth, working with the Boy Scouts of America, teaching classes for people with alcohol or chemical dependency, speaking to youth groups across North America and Canada, entertaining at back-to-school retreats or senior citizens events, speaking at school assemblies, or speaking at High School graduations…it has been a lifetime of caring, helping, serving, and educating people to find to fun and fulfilment in life.

John and his wife Patricia (his High School Sweetheart), reside in the Little Rock Metro. They enjoy gardening, working with Patricia’s many flowers and plants, and visiting their four grandchildren in Houston, Texas.

Mark Triplett

We believe that every dollar has a purpose and a timeline. When and how your retirement assets will be used should be understood before making important financial decisions

Triplett Financial Group clients have a “deal with it now” attitude. That’s why they are attracted to the planning process developed by Triplett Financial Group’s founder and CEO Mark Triplett. The step-by-step process guides them through the assessment of their current condition, helps them identify potential cracks, encourages them to be accountable, and empowers them to take corrective action.

Mark developed his own “deal with it now” attitude when diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 15. “When you get that news, things that were important the day before suddenly seem trivial. You don’t have time to waste, pretending nothing is wrong or asking “why me.” You and your team of professionals get busy assessing the situation, weighing the risks and benefits of intervention and taking corrective action to deal with the situation.”

Mark believes this same approach applies to retirement income planning. If you are going to have problems in the future, it’s better to know now and deal with it than to pretend nothing is wrong and wait until its too late.

Triplett Financial clients have worked hard for their retirement dollars. Mark selectively seeks clients with first generation wealth, believing that when you work hard to build your assets, you view your finances differently. Mark looks for clients that relate to his farm-raised work ethic and honest character. He demonstrates those traits in his business relationships and in the relationships that he develops with his clients.

Mark developed his character beliefs through his grandfather. Although his grandfather passed with few material possessions, hundreds lined up to pay their respects, creating a lasting memory that reminds Mark that nothing is worth more than your character. The experience solidified his belief that when you are gone, the stories told about you will reference the positive impact you had on others, not your bank balance.

Mark is a trusted advisor to financial professionals nationwide. Many have turned to him for guidance on their own clients’ retirement planning strategies. He is passionate about making advisors better so they can be better for their clients, believing that with simple changes, attention to detail, and a consistent process they will serve more people in an extraordinary way.

Mark, his wife Melinda, and son Hunter live in Polk City, IA. They enjoy boating, alpine skiing, and organic gardening as well as many other outdoor activities.

Royal Fund Management Team

Mark Sorenson

CEO, Founder


Linda Sorenson

Co Founder, Office Management


Craig Merz

General Manager, Head of Training


Carissa Brice

Chief Administrative


Stephanie Maufroy

Chief Compliance Officer


Jessica Willis

Business Systems Analyst


Jay Pastrichelli

CEO and Co Founder of ZEGA Financial